5 Bathroom tile trends splashing down for summer 2016

We have selected the top 5 looks, finishes and features which will reign supreme in bathroom design for summer 2016.

Renovating your bathroom is a big investment in both time and money, so it’s important to do your research before you start.

Creating a budget and searching for the right designer is important before you renovate, as well as creating a bathroom wish list. Doing this will ensure that you have a clear vision of how you want to revamp your space and how you would like it to work and feel.

If you need some inspiration, reading up on the latest bathroom trends can help you get on track and pinpoint what you want and need. Here are our 5 top trends for summer 2016.


Timber will continue to flourish in the bathroom. The release of new porcelain copies which reflect the nature of timber, enables us to bring timber’s natural warmth into a previously timber-tabooed space.

Porcelain tile copies are a perfect replacement in the bathroom as they do not have the same up keep as natural wood floor.

If you’re interested in working wood effect tiles into your bathroom, consider using tiles for the walls and sink splash back.

wood effect porcelain tiles

Natural vibe:

Earthy materials like natural stone is perfect  for your bathroom floor and walls as well as your vanity tops, sinks and baths to create a tactile space.

As bathroom tile specialists we are embracing the majesty of natural materials and minerals that contrast with each other. Materials and minerals offer a visual and tactile texture to a room, turning it into a sanctuary.

One way to bring the natural look to a bathroom is to opt for a kiln-fired ceramic or polished-stone sink instead of standard porcelain.

natural bathroom stone tiles

Grey scale:

Despite colour being a predominant aspect in bathrooms, grey has always been a bathroom’s best friend.

From cool slate tones through to warm beige tiles, grey has become a favourite for creating an industrial chic bathroom. Make a statement with the addition of texture, chromatic variation and overlaid patterns.

grey scale tiles


Playing with the idea of modularity, Italian ceramic companies are designing fragmented patterns on square and rectangular tiles to produce large compositions. By mixing and matching geometric shapes, the tiles pop with vivid, kaleidoscopic effect.

fragment colour tiles

Metallic lust:

Metal has been a major interior trend for the last few years and we won’t be falling out of love anytime soon.

Metals offer glamor and contrast beautifully with natural materials in a bathroom, as they reflect light and inject style.

Want to work some metallic magic into your bathroom? Introduce rich metals in fixtures. Alternatively, if you want to dial down the dazzle, opt for smaller splashes with metal hardware, towel bars, shower rails and accessories.
metallic bathroom tiles