Why you should consider a wetroom for your home

It is no secret that what was once a feature of a luxurious hotel stay, or a relaxing spa weekend, is now becoming increasingly desirable yet achievable in the everyday home.

We know that when you think of a wet room your mind drifts to one of the features of a luxurious hotel stay, or a relaxing spa weekend. However this desirable feature is now becoming increasingly achievable in the everyday home. There are several factors that have influenced this ever growing trend, from new builds being smaller to the increase in the ageing population. As we are one of the only Wedi approved wet room installers in Cornwall, we can carry out your project to the highest standard, from the design process through to the installation service.

Accessibility may not be the first thing that you think of when you think of a wet room, however can be the perfect solution for individuals with restricted movement or disability. As well as allowing the ageing population to stay independent for longer, with the removal of a shower tray also being the removal of a trip hazard.

A wet room is also a brilliant option for a small bathroom, which can occur due to new builds becoming increasingly smaller. With the removal of the bath, shower doors and shower tray the room will appear more open. This also fits right in with the minimalism trend, eliminating clutter that can make a small bathroom feel claustrophobic, and creating beautiful space that will allow you to de stress.

Are you looking to add value to your property? Well, when you install a wet room you are essentially making a large area of your home that is susceptible to leaks waterproof, as all moisture will be contained within the sealed walls of the wet room and all water will run into a central drain. Overall improving the structure of your property! With yet another benefit being that the design can add an element of luxury to your property, with the tile choices playing a large part in this, from a timeless natural stone to a glamorous metallic or chrome finish. Have a look at our top selling tiles here.

Did we mention that it a wet room is so much easier to keep clean? With open space there are no hard to reach areas, a simple wipe down with a normal bathroom cleaner you will save a lot of time!

Whatever your wet room needs, Premier Tiles and Bathrooms supply the highest quality service from design to installation. Come and visit our showroom in Falmouth for more inspiration.