Introducing the VitrA V-care WC

In the market for a new loo? VitrA’s V-care WC blends the best of new technology, functional design and superior hygiene. We’ve recently had one delivered to the Premier Tiles and Bathrooms showroom and we’ve been amazed by the quality and price. Read on to find out more…

Inspired by Turkish bathroom culture, this award winning shower toilet is an affordable piece of luxury design for any bathroom. The V-care WC by VitrA combines the functionality of a toilet with the cleaning properties of a bidet, to leave you feeing refreshed and comfortable at all times.

VitrA V-Care Toilet

Photo: VitrA V-care, 2016

This new model isn’t short of high-tech touch- free features, with a hand-held or wall-mountable remote control, automatic seat opening and closure, adjustable temperature settings for the water and seat, adjustable water pressure, washing and drying options. The user can customise each feature to suit their preferences, making this WC suitable for the whole family.

Photo: VitrA V-care, 2016

The design is sure to look great in any bathroom or wetroom – no bulky seat or unsightly pipes – perfect for maintaining your bathroom’s stylish aesthetic. The V-care WC has been designed with hygiene in mind, and is 95% more hygienic compared to a standard WC. Complete with VitrA’s patented Rim-ex rimless design, the toilet can be easily cleaned with one single wipe due to the elimination of hard-to-clean rims, which can harbour germs.

V-care WC by VitrA combines the functionality of a toilet with the cleaning properties of a bidet

Photo: VitrA V-care, 2016

Premier Tiles and Bathrooms is the only establishment in Cornwall offering the VitrA V-care toilet, and you can see how it works for yourself at the Premier Tiles and Bathrooms Showroom in Falmouth on Tregoniggie Industrial Estate. And, to top it all off, we are offering 20% off the retail price! Visit our showroom or get in touch to find out more.