Minimalism: Less is More

Since the beginning of the technological age our lives have become increasingly stressful and cluttered, and it seems that the same thing has been happening in our homes. As the saying goes; tidy house, tidy mind. It has been proven that by staying on top of the chores and by de-cluttering you will find it easier to relax after a long day at work, you will be more productive when it comes to your personal and work projects and you will feel less stressed.

Over the past few years there has been what feels like a movement towards minimalism. As the trend increases, online influencers have been creating content around their own minimalist journeys and instructing others on how to achieve the same lifestyle, utilising huge platforms like Instagram to share pictures of their beautifully finished minimalistic homes and encourage others to adopt this way of thinking.

As homes get smaller, minimalism starts to become less of a trend that exists on Instagram and more of a reality that allows home life to be organised, functional, clean and stress free. A great place to start is by choosing light coloured tiles that the brighten and open up any space (especially a smaller one). A great option from Premier Tiles could be a white tile from the Pioneer range or a natural stone tile. Key benefits of tiles being that they are easy to clean, hard wearing and can be used in creative ways to suit your individual taste.

The fittings in your home are an essential part of creating a stress free environment, especially when it comes to ensuring that there is sufficient storage for the things that you need. Choose from one of our beautiful bathroom suites, keep your tiles simple and ensure that the storage you choose allows for you to maintain your clutter free space and stress-free mind. Choose to go for quality with one of our fitted kitchens, with modern and minimalistic finishes, paired with light coloured and smooth textured tiles. We can tailor your kitchen to meet your storage needs in order to ensure that your kitchen does not become a cluttered and stressful environment.

Premier Construction Kitchens

Wherever you are on your minimalism journey, Premier Tiles and Bathrooms supply the highest quality and stress free service from design to installation. Come and visit our showroom in Falmouth for more inspiration.