4 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home – especially if you have lots of houseguests this holiday season! Renovating your bathroom can go a long way toward making your home more valuable, more functional and enjoyable. So, are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Here are our top things to consider…

1. Lighting

Lighting can make or break a bathroom, so it is really important to consider the placement, brightness and style of your lighting.

Start by considering how you use your bathroom – if you use your bathroom for shaving or applying makeup each morning, having a brightly lit mirror will go a long way to help. You could also consider investing in a steam-proof mirror or make the most of natural light with windows or skylights.

Alternatively, your bathroom may be a relaxing tranquil space where you retreat for a long bath to unwind. If so, you might consider a dimmer switch to control the mood or soft, warm atmospheric lighting.

Bathroom Lighting on a bathroom renovation project in Mylor, Cornwall by p

Photo: Premier Tiles 2016

2. Storage

Bathroom storage is key, weather you are renovating a large family bathroom or a compact guest bathroom.

A floor standing washbasin may look beautiful, but it won’t offer much in the way of storage. Washbasin units are a great solution and come in a range of styles, sizes and heights – so you’ll be sure to find something to complement your new bathroom. If a basin unit isn’t your style, consider installing a tall freestanding unit to store toiletries and towels. VitrA have a stunning range of storage and washbasin units available at the Premier Tiles and Bathrooms showroom.

You should also consider if you have the space to recess a medicine cabinet mirror, a sleek space saver and storage solution for smaller bathroom items.

VitrA bathroom storage units, washbasin units and tall floor storage units in a showroom bathroom. Units are available from Premier Tiles and Bathrooms in Falmouth Cornwall

Photo: VitrA, 2016

3. Bath Tub or Shower? 

One of the biggest decisions when renovating your bathroom is choosing between a bath or a shower. Remember, you are renovating your bathroom for you, not a future buyer, so make it the bathroom of your dreams! Our advice is to ask yourself how many baths you take a year, and what would be the most functional option for you and your family. If you rarely take baths, consider installing a bigger luxurious shower or wetroom with a bench seat.

If you decide to opt for a shower or wetroom, remember to consider the environment with a water-saving showerhead. VADO have a great range of water saving taps and showerheads available from our bathroom showroom in Falmouth.


Photo: Matki, 2016

4. Style

Do plenty of online and offline research on bathroom styles and trends as you plan your bathroom renovation. Pinterest is great for finding interior inspiration and creating moodboards, but we also suggest looking at products in person before purchasing.

It’s always worth going to a showroom to look at products up-close, rather than just purchasing online. Before buying, touch and feel the products– try flicking the light switch, turning the taps, feel the tiles and sit in the bath! You’ll be living with these design choices for many years to come, so it’s important to make sure everything looks and feels as good in person as it does online.

Premier Tiles Bathroom Renovation Style

Photo: Original Style, 2016