Showers – to tray or not to tray?

Wetrooms and trayless showers used to be the thing of luxury hotels and spas, but installing a wetroom in your home is now a possibility for all. The questions is, should you go for a traditional shower tray or opt for floor to ceiling glass that has become a popular trend?

With so many more options available for the modern bathroom, many have moved towards the stylish tiled wetroom. If you have the space, this is a fantastic option to go for – easy to clean, and spacious enough for multiple showerheads such as rain shower, hand shower or shower head – beware though, if you go for this option make sure you have a slightly sloped floor towards a drain to allow water to drain efficiently.

Removing the shower tray is also a great solution for those with limited mobility and adds a seamless look to your bathroom.

But there is still a place for the humble shower tray. Look at alternatives to the plastic base including marble slabs or tiling to help provide a modern stylish feel, while preventing leakage. You could also incorporate a seat to again create that day spa feel and provide added functionality to your shower space.

Aqua Dart rectangle slimline shower tray and smoked glass wetroom panel. Minimalist bathroom design trend for AW 2016.

Whatever option you decide to go for, talk to Premier Tiles and Bathrooms’ specialists for advice on what fits best for your space and budget.