The surprising colour that is going to dominate the modern bathroom

It may sound strange the first time you hear about using black in the bathroom, however this is on the increase and once you see how black can be incorporated into a bathroom you will understand why the trend is catching.

A typical perception of the colour black when used in interiors is that it can make a room feel very small, dingy and even gothic. However, when used in the right way black can give a white bathroom a much-needed style boost. Black can be as versatile as white, as it is a neutral colour, so can be paired with many colour schemes.

One way of doing this is to use black when it comes to the smaller touches, so the taps, the mirror frame and other bathroom accessories. A matte finish can add a very luxurious feel, but also provide the benefit of not showing fingerprints as much as a gloss finish. You can achieve balance by pairing black accessories with white when choosing the main bathroom pieces, or a range of grey tones when it comes to selecting tiles and other finishes. You may be looking to achieve contrast, pair black with contrasting mustard accessories for example.

Premier Tiles Bathroom Renovation Style

If you choose matte black bathroom furniture with soft edges, this can be paired with a dark wood Karndean floor for a very relaxed and cosy feeling. In addition, you can select a contrasting colour to finish the look, and deep green leafy house plants will be right at home here.

VitrA Scandinavian bathrooms

Dive into the deep end by selecting a free-standing bathtub, with a pristine white interior and finished with a matte black exterior. As well as being a bold statement this can achieve a timeless look when paired with a dark wood flooring and pale grey tones when it comes to the walls and tiles.

Whether you are upgrading your bathroom accessories or going for a complete remodel, create a stylish place to relax and unwind.

Premier Tiles and Bathrooms stock a wide range of tiles. Come and be inspired by our showroom in Falmouth where we have a huge range on display. Enquire about our Karndean flooring that is available in a dark wood that can be beautifully paired with any black bathroom furniture.

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