The stunning new tiling trend for 2019

Over the last couple of months we’ve noticed an increase in interest for iridescent tiles. But what’s attracting people to the kind of iridescent mosaics that might normally be found in top spa hotels? Just that – they bring a luxurious feeling of calm and relaxation into the home.

hexagonal iridescent tiles

The trend for hotel-style luxury started with the love of sumptuous, deep-coloured brick tiles. It’s now evolving to tiles that reflect the light in different ways at different times of the day. Your bathroom will always be changing, meaning that the tiling effect is enduring because you’ll never get bored of it!

Square tiles have always been a classic choice for bathrooms, but rising in popularity are rectangle and hexagonal tiles. These trends often come from trends in graphic design which translate into interior design and therefore tiles and accessories for the home.

colourful iridescent tiles

There are subtly iridescent tiles like the pale tiles shown earlier, or a more striking and colourful effect above.

We also have incredibly detailed tiles that are made from shells, creating a stunning effect from floor to ceiling. Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of the beach?

shell mosaic tiles

iridescent bathroom tiles

If any of these iridescent tiles take your fancy, why not visit the Premier Tiles Showroom in Falmouth to see how we can help you create the perfect bathroom?