Using Houseplants to Enhance Your Bathroom

2017 and 2018 have seen a real boom in the number of houseplants purchased in the UK, especially amongst millennials. This could be down to instagram (particularly the popular #houseplantclub feed), but maybe there is more behind this trend.

As well as being very aesthetically pleasing, houseplants offer many other benefits. An example of this is improving the air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide out of the air and releasing oxygen back into the air. This is said to help relieve stress and promote creativity. Caring for a houseplant can also give you a much-needed break from the glaring screens of your phone, tablet, laptop or television. This is very fitting with the current trends surrounding minimalism as well as mental and physical wellness.

Bathroom plants

Jungle style bathrooms are a massive hit this summer, the addition of one or many plants can make the room feel very different. A very fresh and natural feeling can be achieved by pairing plants with a timeless and minimalistic white bathroom. You may also decide to make a statement with a bright coloured tiled statement wall, that can either contrast against or compliment the deep and vibrant greens of the leaves. There is also the option of creating a more of a natural jungle feeling. This can be achieved by finishing a bathroom with natural sandstone coloured tiles and filling the room with large plants.

Tropical bathroom

There are a huge range of plants that will do very well is the moisture rich and perhaps dark bathroom environment. Ivy and the Boston fern are a couple of example of plants that can be used to create a real jungle vibe, whereas an Aloe Vera plant which purify the air can be used to create more of a minimalistic and wellness-focused feeling. Alternatively, an orchid can be used to provide some colour.

Bathroom house plants

Create an amazing and timeless bathroom space, that will allow you to relax and re-charge.

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