Wetrooms – Your questions answered

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about wetrooms lately- the in-vogue open plan bathrooms complete with sleek floor to ceiling tiles and minimalist design…

From our tile and bathroom showroom in Falmouth we have a lot of customers pop in to discuss their bathroom renovation ideas, and repeatedly see customers asking the same questions about wetrooms. So, in this blog we aim to answer some of your questions and discuss the pros and cons of wetrooms.

What are wetrooms?
Wetrooms are essentially a bathroom where the shower area is not separated from the rest of the room, and water is drained through a drain on the floor. Wetrooms are a space efficient design choice for any bathroom, and are a contemporary alternative to traditional bath and shower rooms.

Wet rooms are an excellent use of space and can make a smaller bathroom area feel much bigger. No separate shower cubicle means you can maximise the total floor space of the bathroom to create an open plan and airy space.

Many people opt for a wetroom because they much easier to clean than traditional showers. Because there are no screens or partition walls, you can simply hose or wipe down the area. There are also advantages for accessibility, especially if you struggle to step into traditional showers or baths, you can simply walk straight into a wetroom without having to swing your leg over the side of a bathtub.

The sleek and modern finish of a wetroom is an aesthetic motive for many homeowners. There are a range of luxurious, calming, and classic tiling and surface options available to suit any style.

In terms of property value, wetrooms typically increase your homes appeal on the property market, especially if you already have one other traditional bathroom containing a bathtub.

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Managing the excess spray from the lack of a shower curtain can be problematic, however this can be managed by using a glass shower screen no less than 1200mm long in order to stop the spray.

Installation of wetrooms must be very carefully done, as they require a slight slope on the floor toward the drain. The area also needs to be professionally sealed to ensure to long-lasting wear of tiles and to stop any potential leaks.

Many wetroom designs will require the bathroom to be tiled from floor to ceiling, depending on your chosen tiles, this can be costly. In our Falmouth showroom we have a range of tiles suitable for wetrooms to suit any budget.

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Our recommendations
If you decide to update your home with a wetroom, we advise that you ensure the installation is done professionally with special attention to the sealant of tiles or floor surfaces. At Premier Tiles and Bathrooms we are Wedi approved wetroom installers and we stock the highest quality bathroom and wetroom furniture, floor surfaces and tiles. A visit to our showroom on Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, Falmouth, is a great starting point for planning your wetroom.

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