What to steer clear of when designing your new bathroom

The best thing about designing and creating your own bathroom is your only limit is your own imagination, and the opportunity for creativity is endless. However, if you do need some guidance on what is best practice for designing a stylish and functional space, we’ve compiled some tips on what might be worth steering clear of…

Is white right?

It might be tempting to go for an all-white scheme to make your bathroom feel clean and contemporary, but this can prove a challenge for maintenance and can quickly look shabby. Incorporate a neutral palette to soften a gleaming white scheme.

Storage wars

Where do you draw the line on storage? Yes having space to store away clutter and less aesthetic items is paramount, but too much storage can make a bathroom feel cluttered and claustrophobic – this scandi style balances stylish storage with spacious sink units for a good compromise.

VitrA bathrooms at Premier Tiles


Go big or go home!

Just tiling one small section of your bathroom is so last decade, why not try choosing a colour, style or texture and utilise it across your bathroom for a striking look. Check out this example from Mr & Mrs Thomas in Falmouth –


Let there be light

Don’t necessarily go for style over functionality when it comes to lighting in the bathroom. Consider what you are most likely to use that room for – do you need plenty of natural light or prefer low light for relaxing? Will you need more light near the mirror? Ensure you consider this and choose the best option for you.


Whatever your style or design, visit our showroom near Falmouth for inspiration and the chance to talk to our experts about how to maximise your renovation project.