Why brick tiles create an illusion of space

Brick tiles are hugely popular in bathrooms and kitchens; they create long horizontal lines that give the illusion of width and space in a room, making the area seem bigger. Deep colours create sumptuous bathrooms that make you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel.

Nordic contemporary

A single block colour paired with a white wall provides a contrast that draws the eye to the tiles; a balanced and visually appealing look. Alternatively white tiles with a single colour wall works in the same way, looking clean and bright but with a flash of colour for interest.

Gloss artisan pastel colours create a calming atmosphere and create a more unique colour scheme. Original Style’s range of tiles sold by Premier Tiles includes pastel blues, greens and earthy tones evoking a feeling of fresh spring days.

Pastel brick gloss tiles

Whether it’s a luxurious feel you’re going for, or a fresh and bright aesthetic, gloss brick tiles may be the key to creating the kind of space you really want to relax in.

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