Why Natural Stone is the natural choice

It is really starting to feel like a race to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to decorating your home. It can seem like as soon as you have had your bathroom and kitchen tiled, that the trend has already moved on! So why not finish your home with a timeless classic, that will never go out of style- natural stone tiles.

The benefits of natural stone tiles seem endless, ranging from practical benefits to adding value to your property.

Natural stone tiles provide a hard-wearing surface that is easy to clean as all that is needed is a soft brush and a mop using stone soap. When it comes to having stone tiles in your bathroom, particularly in the shower unit, Premier Tiles ensures that the tiles are properly sealed, so prevent moisture from getting into the tiles. Natural stone is also a brilliant conductor, allowing you to get the best out of your underfloor heating. On the other hand, natural stone is used in warmer countries to keep properties cooler, which would be perfect for opening up a stuffy hallway or a cramped bathroom.

You could even add value to your property with a timeless look that could be created with ease. This could be slate tiles that run through from your front door and into your kitchen, creating a glamorous open plan feeling, or limestone tiles covering the walls and floor of your bathroom, which will open up and brighten the space. Another benefit is that every single tile is unique, with its own colouring, natural characteristics and finish, leading to an individual and timeless look.

Premier Tiles and Bathrooms stock a wide range of natural stone tiles, as well as providing a high quality and stress-free service from design to installation. Come and visit our showroom in Falmouth for more inspiration.