Noreen Jaafar

Noreen Jaafar hand painted tiles…


The Jaafar story… inspired by nature to create unique tile designs.


Utterly unique Persian glazes…..

Established in 1994, Jaafar Studio is a small Cotswold workshop specialising in producing highly individual hand made wall tiles based on an Ancient Persian glaze system. They have carefully researched and developed this Persian glaze to produce uniquely vibrant and glossy colours, which are rarely seen in today’s market place. To our knowledge , they are the only ceramic tile artists in the UK to use this very specialized glaze.

They are passionate about producing innovative designs and pride themselves in creating highly individual and original tiles with real personality. Ceramic tiles from Jaafar Designs are a stunning decorative element & a true design statement that will set your home apart. And as fashion changes and their designs advance, they constantly test and perfect new colours adding to their unique colour palette.

Noreen’s beautiful hand painted tiles are on display and available to order from our showroom in Falmouth, please give us a call or pop in, one of the team will be happy to discuss the different options.


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